Add Facebook Comments to a Koken Website

This plugin adds Facebook comments to a Koken website. It works similar to the Disqus comment plugin.


To install the plugin download the attached zip file, unpack it and upload it to the storage/plugins directory of your Koken installation.

It should be visible in the Koken backend under Settings/Plugins:

Facebook Comments Plugin

Plugin Configuration

The following settings are available:

Facebook Comment Settings
Width in px
You can either set a fixed width for the comment box, or use “0” if the width is to be adjusted automatically.
Maximum number of posts that should be displayed.
Color scheme
You can select between a light and a dark color scheme.
Here you can configure the language that should be used by the comment plugin. Valid values are for example “en_US”, “en_GB”, “de_DE”. More information are available on the Facebook SDK Website.
Facebook User ID
In order to moderate Facebook comments you have to enter either your Facebook User ID or App ID (see also Facebook Moderation Setup)
Facebook App ID
Instead of using the User ID you can enter a Facebook App ID eingeben. This setting will be ignored if a user id is set.